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The Berlin IPE at the Berlin School of Economics & Law

The Berlin Institute for International Political Economy (IPE) is concerned with the relation between the economy and political power in a globalised world, and the social implications that this raises. The recurrence of serious financial crises, rising social inequality and a disregard for human rights indicate that conflicts involving economic and political interests have become more acute. This raises many urgent questions about the types of political and social regulation of the economy that would be desirable. In addition, since globalisation has depended on energy generated from non-renewable fossil fuels which poses a serious threat to the global climate, international political economy must be complemented by an international political ecology.


The IPE aims to promote interdisciplinary research drawing on economics, political science and sociology to deepen our understanding of these issues, and to make the results of this research available to individuals and groups who are active in political, social and economic initiatives.


IPE Working Paper 82/2017

Julia Anna Ruf, A Policy Analysis of the EU Emissions Trading System and its Crisis, IPE Working Paper 82/2017more

IPE Working Paper 81/2017

Kitty Murnaghan, A Comprehensive Evaluation of the EU’s Biofuel Policy – from Biofuels to Agrofuels, IPE Working Paper 81/2017more

IPE Working Paper 80/2016

Thereza Balliester Reis, Why are policy real interest rates so high in Brazil? An analysis of the determinants of the Central Bank of Brazil’s real interest rate, IPE Working Paper 80/2016more

IPE Working Paper 79/2016

Luís Lopes and Margarida Antunes, From budgetary instrument to the
budgetary objective: the Portuguese case, IPE Working Paper 79/2016more