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Inequality in Financial Capitalism (04/2017)

Die Veranstaltung fand in englischer Sprache statt.


The 25 April 2017, IPE invited Pasquale Tridico discuss foundations of and approaches to income inequality in the age of financialisation. We were delighted to welcome the professor of Labour economics and coordinator of two distinguished Master programs at Roma Tre University, Italy, who presented his new book Inequality in Financial Capitalism (2017). Examining empirical evidence for major advanced economies from the 1980s onwards, Tridico finds that increased inequality is a consequence of financialisation, due to which labour and welfare became a cost rather than a benefit and aggregate demand has been structurally disregarded.


Datum und Uhrzeit: 25. Januar 2017, 18-20 Uhr

Ort: HWR Campus Schöneberg, Badensche Str. 50-51, 10825 Berlin, Haus B, Raum B 1.01