Studying Modern Capitalism – The Relevance of Marx Today (07/2018)

On the occasion of the 200th birthday of Karl Marx and the 10th anniversary of the Institute for International Political Economy (IPE) we will host a conference on the topic "Studying Modern Capitalism - The Relevance of Marx Today".


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Date: 12-13 July 2018

Location: Berlin School of Economics and Law, Badensche Str. 52, 10825 Berlin, House A, Room of the Academic Senate, A 2.04


Registration for the conference is over.

In case you are interested in participating but did not obtain a seat yet, send us an e-mail to reserve your seat on the waiting list.


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Presentations of the Conference

Marx and the crisis of finance-dominated capitalism

Trevor Evans: Marx's approach to finance and crisis in the age of finance-led capitalism

Brigitte Young: A Marxian Perspective on gendered creditor and debtor Relations in the age of financialization


Marx's economics - still relevant?

Claudio Sardoni: Marx’s crisis theory – still relevant?

Hansjörg Herr: Theories of income distribution - a critical analysis

[See our WP 101 for more information on Marx's thoughts on functional income distribution.]

Fritz Helmedag: Marx and Keynes: from exploitation to employment


Marx receptions

Michael Heinrich: Marx‘s unfinished Critique of Politcal Economy and its different receptions


Marx's economics and other heterodox school of thought

Diane Elson: Marx and Feminist Economics

Eckhard Hein: Karl Marx – an early post-Keynesian?


Marx and current socio-economic and ecological crises

Sigrid Betzelt: Understanding social inequality with Marx

Kristina Dietz, Markus Wissen: Marx and the ecological crisis


Marxian perspectives beyond capitalism

Birgit Mahnkopf: Soyons realistes, demandons l'impossible. Alternative futures beyond 'peak capitalism'