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Trevor Evans

Trevor Evans (retired) has a PhD in economics from the University of London. He worked for many years at the Regional Centre for Economic and Social Research (CRIES) in Managua, Nicaragua, and has been a professor of economics at the Berlin School of Economics. He is a member of the coordinating committee of the European Economists for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe.

Research Interests

  • The political economy of international money and finance
  • The US economy and its international impact
  • Economic policy in Europe
  • Finance and development
  • Marxian and Post-Keynesian theories of money and finance

Selected Publications

  • The crisis of finance-led capitalism in the United States of America’, FESSUD Studies in Financial Systems, no. 32, May 2015, 54 pp (also available as IPE Working Paper no. 51/2015 Download)
  • ‘Finance and Crisis: Marxian, Institutionalist and Circuitist approaches’, FESSUD Working Paper Series, no. 39, 2014 (with Giorgios Argitis, Jo Michell and Jan Toporowski), pp. 104 (also available as IPE Working Paper no. 45 Download)
  • The impact of financial liberalization on income inequality’, International Journal of Labour Research, vol. 6, no. 1, 2014, pp. 129 – 142 Download
  • 'A progressive European response to the crisis in the Euro Area', in Europe: Democracy at Stake, Transform. European Journal for Alternative Thinking and Political Dialogue, 10/2012, pp. 143-148 Download
  • ‘The crisis in the Euro area’, International Journal of Labour Research, vol. 3, no. 1, May 2011, pp. 97-113 Download
  • ‘Five explanations for the international financial crisis’, Revista Tempo do Mundo, vol. 3, no. 1, April 2011, pp. 9-28 (also IPE Berlin Working Paper No. 8, June 2010 Download)
  • Money and finance today, in John Grahl (ed.), Global Finance and the European Social Model, Edward Elgar, 2009
  • The 2002-2007 US economic expansion and the limits of finance-led capitalism, Studies in Political Economy, 83, May 2009, pp. 33-59; Download

Further Information