Nikos Markogiannakis

Nikos Markogiannakis is a Ph.D. candidate of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna and the Berlin School of Economics and Law. His Ph.D. project approaches questions regarding the Political Economy of Logistics Infrastructures, having as starting point the recent supply chain disruptions (COVID-19, Russia-Ukraine War) and the consequent policy responses with a focus on the three biggest European ports: Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg.

He is a graduate of the Economic Policies in the Age of Globalization (EPOG2) master’s program and studied at HWR Berlin and Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (Paris 13). He has worked before as an intern at the Institute for Social Banking, in Berlin, and in the Social Solidarity Economy sector for the consultancy and advocacy cooperative DOCK, in Athens. Nikos also holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the Athens University of Business and Economics, as well as a certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Competence from the same institution

Research Interests:

  • Political Economy of Contemporary Capitalism
  • Economic Planning & Socio-ecological Transformation
  • Philosophy of Economics

M: markogiann94(at)​​​​​​​