Nina Schlosser

Nina Schlosser is a Ph.D. candidate of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna and the Berlin School of Economics and Law. In her Ph.D. project, she analyses the actors, practises, structures, and resulting social conflicts within the Chilean lithium sector. Nina holds a Master’s degree in Political Economy of European Integration and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Berlin School of Economics and Law, during which time she also studied in Lyon/France and Buenos Aires/Argentina.

As an active member of several working groups on climate justice at the state and federal level, Nina tries to reconciliate critical social sciences with progressive politics to promote a radical mobility transition.

Research Interests:

  • Social-ecological transformation of modes of production and consumption
  • (Peripheral) Imperial Mode of Living and Buen Vivir
  • Global crises: externalisation and internalisation of social-ecological costs
  • (In)Dependence and (Under)Development in the Global North and Latin America

E: nina.schlosser(at)​​​​​​​