Peter Herrmann

Peter Herrmann studied sociology (Bielefeld, FRG), economics (Hamburg, FRG) and political science (Leipzig, GDR). After obtaining his doctorate in Bremen, he worked in various teaching and research positions in the fields of social policy, social economy, economics and law abroad (including China, Cuba, Finland, France, Ireland, Hungary and Russia). He is, among other things, senior advisor to the Association for Social Quality (Amsterdam), member of the scientific committee of the Institute for Political, Economic and Social Studies (EURISPES - Istituto di Studi Politici, Economici e Sociali, Rome) and fellow at the Eurasian Center for Big History and System Forecasting, Lomonossow Moscow State University.

Main Research Interest

  • Systemic relationship between law and economy
  • Digitization and capital structure
  • Extended regulation theory and digitisation

Selected Publications:


  • Social Policy – Production rather than Distribution. A Rights-Based Approach; Bremen/Oxford: EHV Academic Press; 2014; 253 pages; 978-3-86741-744-0
  • Opening Views against the Closure of the World (Economic Issues, Problems and Perspectives); New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2016
  • Right to Stay – Right to Move; Bad Vöslau: Wiener Verlag für Sozialforschung in Vienna Academic Press Verlags GmbH, 2019
  • Value Theory – is there still any value in it? Revisiting Value and Valuation in a Globalising Digital World; New York: Nova; forthcoming
  • Digitisation – Employment – and What? An Attempt to Socio-Locate the Challenge of Today’s Productivity-Puzzle; forthcoming

Edited Books

  • Okyayuz, Mehmet/Herrmann, Peter/Dorrity, Claire (eds.): Migration – global processes caught in national answers; Vienna: WVFS, 2014 – ISBN 978-3-94469-008-7; 228 pages
  • Together with Peter Szynka (eds.): Durchbrüche ins Soziale; Eine Festschrift für Rudolph Bauer; Vienna: WVFS, 2014; 320 pages; 978-3-94469-022-3
  • together with Bobkov, Viacheslav/Csoba, Judit (eds.): Labour Market and Precarity of Employment: Theoretical Reflections and Empirical Data from Hungary and Russia; Vienna: WVFS; 2014; 262 pages; 978-3-94469-030-8
  • together with Grinin, Leonid E./Ilyin, Ilya V./Korotayev, Andrey V., 2015: Globalistics and Globalization Studies. Big history & Global History; Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2015
  • as editor, together with Ka Lin, 2015: Social Quality Theory. A New Perspective on Social Development; Oxford/New York: Berghahn
  • as editor together with Zhouxiang, Lu: Conflict and Communication: A Changing Asia in a Globalising World; New York: Nova; 2016
  • as editor together with Grinin, Leonid E./Ilyin, Ilya V./Korotayev, Andrey V: Globalistics and Globalization Studies; Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2016
  • together with Grinin, Leonid E./Ilyin, Ilya V./Korotayev, Andrey V. (eds.), 2017: Global Evolution, Historical Globalistics and Globalization Studies; Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Global Studies/Russian Academy of Science, Institute of Oriental Studies/The Eurasian Center for Big History and System Forecasting International center for education and social humanity research; Volgograd: Uchitel
  • together with Bobkov, Vyacheslav, forthcoming: Digitisation and Precarisation – Redefining Work and Redefining Society; Heidelberg: Springer

Articles in Major Journals

  • together with Bobkov, V.N., 2016: Searching for a new way of Thinking Society for Today—Noospheric Social Quality; in: Ekonomika regiona [Economy of Region]. — 2016. — Vol. 12, Issue 2: 451-462 doi 10.17059/2016–2–11
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  • Together with Csoba, Judit: Losers, Good Guys, Cool Kids. The Everyday Life of Early School Leavers; in: Economic and Social Changes. Journal edited by the «Russian Public Opinion Research Center» (OAO «VCIOM»); Moscow: 2017, No 6: 276—293. DOI: 10.14515/monitoring.2017.6.15.
  • Potentials for Taking a Strategic Role for Sustainable Sociability; in: Globalistics and Globalization Studies 2017; Volgograd: Uchitel Publishing: 311–328
  • TINA said, There is no such thing as society. A short Memorial concerning the intellectual-moral turn of the radical 1980s (original: TINA said, There is no such thing as society. Eine kleine Gedenk-Schrift an die geistig moralische Wende der wilden 1980er; in: Sozial Extra 3 2019: 181–184
  • For him art, research, creation and politics were the same thing  – In memory of Paul Boccara: in: World Review of Political Economy (WRPE) The World Association for Political Economy, Hong Kong; Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Center of Economic and Social Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; WRPE Vol.10, No.1, Spring 2019 (in Print)