Salome Topuria

Salome Topuria is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Kassel and the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Her PhD research investigates the feasibility of implementing industrial policy in liberalized economies: a case of Georgia. Salome holds a master’s degree in Political Economy of European Integration from the Berlin School of Economics and Law and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, which she obtained in Prague, Czech Republic. Salome has been actively involved in organizing and coordinating projects for the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung’s South Caucasus office, and recently for the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI).

Research Interests:

  • Political Economy of Industrial Policy
  • International Trade
  • Transition Economies in the Post-Soviet Area
  • Developmental State

Media Coverage

Sindreu, J. (2024): Germany Passed its First Chinese Test—This One Is Trickier. Wall Street Journal, 10 April 2024.