Ulaş Şener

Ulaş Şener, Dr. rer. pol., is currently a lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Previously, he was as a research assistant at Potsdam University, where he received his PhD in Economics. His dissertation on central bank independence and monetary policy in Turkey was recognized with the Jörg Huffschmid Award 2017 for outstanding research in political economy. His current research focuses on the Political Economy of Populism, in which he analyzes key questions on re-politicization of monetary policy, its economic outcomes and prospects. He is a member of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET), the International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy (IIPPE), Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik (NPÖ) and a board member of Academics for Peace – Germany.

He studied Economics and Political Sciences (double-degree) at Goethe University Frankfurt. During his studies he visited many countries, among others USA, Israel, UK and Turkey.

Research Interests

  • Political Economy, Heterodox and Plural Economics
  • Money, Monetary Policy and Central Banking
  • Globalization and Development Policies
  • European Integration, Turkey
  • Populism

Selected Publications

  • ‘Inflation Targeting’, in: Encyclopedia of Post-Keynesian Economics, ed. By L.P. Rochon and S. Rossi, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2021 (forthcoming)
  • ‘Central bank independency and the Idea of money neutrality: re-considering the theoretical link’, in: Progressive Post-Keynesian Economics: Dealing with reality, ed. by J. Jespersen and F. Olesan, pp. 96-110, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2019
  • Review, ‘Economics Rules, The Rights and Wrongs of the Dismal Science’, by Dani Rodrik, in: European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies, Nr. 3/17, 2017
  • ‘Monetary Policy under the AKP Government’, in: Journal of Development Studies, Vol. 32, Issue 1, pp. 135-186, 2016
  • Die relative Autonomie der Zentralbank – Eine politökonomische Analyse der türkischen Geldpolitik nach 2001’, Potsdam Economic Studies, Potsdam University Press, 2016, link: publishup.uni-potsdam.de/files/8885/pes05.pdf
  • ‘Die Neutralitätstheorie des Geldes – Ein kritischer Überblick’, Potsdam Economic Papers, Potsdam University Press, 2nd edition, 2016 link: publishup.uni-potsdam.de/files/8316/pep04.pdf
  • ‘Turkish Monetary Policy in the Post-Crises Era: A Further Case of New Consensus?’, in: Credit, Money, Macroeconomic Policy: A Post-Keynesian Approach, ed. by C. Gnos and L.P. Rochon, pp. 289-312, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2011

Email: e_sener@doz.hwr-berlin.de