Christina Teipen

Dr. phil., since April 2011 professor for social sciences with a focus on economic sociology at Berlin School of Economics and Law Berlin. Previous research positions at several universities, most recently at Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB).

Research Interests

  • Sociology of work,
  • comparative analysis of institutions,
  • transnational value chains.

Selected English Publications

  • Teipen, Christina (2017): Macro- Meso- and Micro-Level Determinants of Employment Relations in the Video Games Industry. In: Briken, Kendra u.a. (Hrsg.): The New Digital Workplace. How New Technologies Revolutionise Work. Houndsmills, Basingstoke: Macmillan, 218-237.
  • Christina Teipen (2015): “The Implications of the Value Chain and Financial Institutions for Work and Employment: Insights from the Video Game Industry in Poland, Sweden, and Germany.” In: British Journal of Industrial Relations, DOI 10.1111/bjir.12144.
  • Teipen, Christina (2010): book review of Alan McKinlay and Chris Smith (eds.) „Creative Labour“, In: British Journal of Industrial Relations 48, 3, 635-637.
  • Teipen, Christina (2008): "Work and Employment in Creative Industries. The Video Games Industry in Germany, Sweden and Poland". In: Economic and Industrial Democracy 29, 3, 309-335.
  • Jürgens Ulrich, Martin Krzywdzinski & Christina Teipen (2005): “Governance Compromises on the ‘Labour Nexus’ in Germany - New Trends in Three Industries”. Paris: 13th GERPISA International Colloquium (June 16-17, CD-Rom Proceedings).
  • Jürgens, Ulrich, Martin Krzywdzinski & Christina Teipen (2006): “Changing Work and Employment Relations in German Industries - Breaking Away from the German Model?” (Discussion Paper SP III 2006-302). Berlin: Social Science Research Center.
  • Teipen, Christina & Martin Kohli (2004): „Early Retirement in Germany”. In: Tony Maltby et al. (eds.): Ageing and Transition to Retirement. A Comparative Analysis of European Welfare States. Aldershot: Ashgate, 93-119.