Jennifer Pédussel Wu

Prof. Dr. Jennifer Pédussel Wu joined the Berlin School of Economics and Law in 2008 as a Professor of Economics (Professor for Economics, in particular for world trade and international production). Previously, she was a Professor of Economics at the Ecole des Dirigeants et Créateurs d’Entreprises (EDC-Paris) and an Assistant Professor at the American University of Paris. She has been an Associate Member of the LEN Research Center at the University of Nantes (France) and was a Senior Fellow at the Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI), Bonn (Germany). She holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Oberlin College, a M.A. degree in Mathematical Behavior Science and a Ph.D. degree in Economics from the University of California, Irvine.  Her research areas of interest include: International Trade and Regional Integration, European Union, Trade in Factors of Production, Gender and Immigration, and Foreign Direct Investment.

Research Interests: 

  • International Trade and Regional Integration
  • European Union
  • Trade in Factors of Production
  • Gender and Immigration
  • Foreign Direct Investment

Selected Publications and Working Papers

  • “Immigrant Specificity and the Relationship between Trade and Immigration: Theory and Evidence” (with Harry Bowen) Southern Economic Journal 2013, 80(2), 366–384.
  • “Measuring and Explaining Levels of Regional Economic Integration”, in De Lombaerde, Philippe (Ed.) Assessment and Measurement of Regional Integration, London: Routledge, 2006.
  • “Trade Agreements as Self-Protection”, Review of International Economics, 13:3, 2005. 
  • Economic Integration, Institutions, and Protection Against Risk, thesis, University of California, Irvine 2001.
  • “Immigrant Gender and International Trade: Its Relevance and Impact, " (with Harry P. Bowen),Harriet Taylor Mill-Institut für Ökonomie und Geschlechterforschung Discussion Paper 24, 04/2014
  • "The Impact of Immigrant Gender on International Trade: An Empirical Assessment," (with Harry P. Bowen), Discussion Paper Series 2013-01, McColl School of Business, Queens University of Charlotte.
  • "Immigrant specificity and the relationship between trade and immigration: Theory and evidence," (with Harry P. Bowen), Working Papers 70/2012, Institute of Management Berlin (IMB), Berlin School of Economics and Law.
  • "Immigrant Specificity and the Relationship between Trade and Immigration: Theory and Evidence," (with Harry P. Bowen), Discussion Paper Series 2011-01, McColl School of Business, Queens University of Charlotte, revised 13 Jul 2012.
  • “Does It Matter Where Immigrants Work? Traded Goods, Non-traded Goods, and Sector Specific Employment” (with Harry P. Bowen), ZEI Working Paper B16-2004.
  • “Economic Integration in a Multicone World” (with Christian Martincus Volpe), ZEI Working Paper B07-2005.

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