Petra Dünhaupt

Petra Dünhaupt, Dr. rer. pol., is a research associate at the Berlin School of Economic and Law. In her current position she is responsible for project acquisitions.

Petra's current research centers around the consequences and impacts of international trade and integration into global value chains, with a focus on developing and emerging countries and development strategies.

Most recently, she participated in the international and interdisciplinary research project "Global Value Chains - Economic and Social Upgrading" at the BSEL, and the regional project “Core Labour Standards Plus (CLS+)”, initiated by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Singapore. 

Petra holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Oldenburg and a M.A. in International and Development Economics from the HTW Berlin. 

Research Focus

  • Global Value Chains
  • Industrial Policy
  • Development Economics
  • Financialization and Income Distribution

Selected Publications

  • Teipen, Christina/Dünhaupt, Petra/Herr, Hansjörg/Mehl, Fabian (2022): Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Value Chains. Comparative Analyses, Macroeconomic Effects, the Role of Institutions and Strategies for the Global South. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (ISBN 978-3-030-87319-6 [Print], 978-3-030-87320-2 [ePDF]). 
  • Catching Up in a Time of Constraints – Industrial Policy Under World Trade Organization Rules, Free Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment Agreements, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Singapur, (with H. Herr), forthcoming.
  • Opportunities for Development through Integration in Global Value Chains? IPE Working Paper No. 140/2020 (with H. Herr, F. Mehl and C. Teipen)
  • Entwicklungschancen durch Integration in globale Wertschöpfungsketten: ein Länder- und Branchenvergleich, WSI Mitteilungen 6/2019: 403–411 (with H. Herr, F. Mehl and C. Teipen).
  • Financialization and the Crises of Capitalism, in: Tae-Hee J., Chester, L. und D’Ippoliti, C. (Hrsg.): Routledge Handbook of Heterodox Economics, London: Routledge, 386–401, 2017.
  • Determinats of Labour’s Income Share in the Era of Financialisation, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 41 (1): 283–306, 2017.