Trevor Evans

Trevor Evans has a PhD in economics from the University of London. He worked for many years at the Regional Centre for Economic and Social Research (CRIES) in Managua, Nicaragua and, until he retired in 2015, was professor for monetary theory, monetary policy and international monetary relations at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. 

Research Interests

  • The political economy of international money and finance
  • The US economy and its international impact
  • Economic policy in Europe
  • Finance and development
  • Marxian and Post-Keynesian theories of money and finance

Selected Publications

  • ‘The twilight of neoliberalism in the USA?’ European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention, Vol. 18 No. 2, 2021, pp. 119–144 (German version in Prokla, No. 203, Juni 2021, pp. 269-295)
  • ‘The family-party-state nexus in Nicaragua’, The Bullet, 9 May 2018 download; shorter version at democraciaAbierta, 10 May 2018 EnglishSpanish
  • ‘The economic expansion in the US since 2009 and Donald Trump’s ambitions to “drain the swamp”’, European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2018, pp. 12–31 (German version in Prokla, 190, March 2018, pp. 91-114)
  • Grossbritannien wählt den Austritt aus der EU’, in Torsten Bultmann & Thomas Sablowski,  Krise der EU. Kontroverssen – Perspektiven – linke Alternativen, BdWi Studienheft 112017
  • The crisis of finance-led capitalism in the United States of America’, FESSUD Studies in Financial Systems, no. 32, May 2015, 54 pp (also available as IPE Working Paper no. 51/2015 Download)
  • ‘Finance and Crisis: Marxian, Institutionalist and Circuitist approaches’, FESSUD Working Paper Series, no. 39, 2014 (with Giorgios Argitis, Jo Michell and Jan Toporowski), pp. 104 (also available as IPE Working Paper no. 45 Download)
  • The impact of financial liberalization on income inequality’, International Journal of Labour Research, vol. 6, no. 1, 2014, pp. 129 – 142 Download
  • 'A progressive European response to the crisis in the Euro Area', in Europe: Democracy at Stake, Transform. European Journal for Alternative Thinking and Political Dialogue, 10/2012, pp. 143-148 Download
  • ‘The crisis in the Euro area’, International Journal of Labour Research, vol. 3, no. 1, May 2011, pp. 97-113 Download
  • ‘Five explanations for the international financial crisis’, Revista Tempo do Mundo, vol. 3, no. 1, April 2011, pp. 9-28 (also IPE Berlin Working Paper No. 8, June 2010 Download )
  • Money and finance today, in John Grahl (ed.), Global Finance and the European Social Model, Edward Elgar, 2009
  • The 2002-2007 US economic expansion and the limits of finance-led capitalism, Studies in Political Economy, 83, May 2009, pp. 33-59; Download

Further Information

Prof. Dr. Trevor Evans

T +49 30 2930-9188

Campus Schöneberg, Building B
Badensche Straße 50-51, 10825 Berlin