Research Areas

Political Economy and the Welfare State

  • Labor Market Policy
  • Distributional Policy
  • Social Policy
  • Comparative National Institutional Systems
  • Gender Regimes and Social Rights
  • Policy Impact on Organizations and Quality of Work

Financialisation, Macroeconomics and Economic Policies

  • Finance-dominated Capitalism, Instability and Crises
  • Distribution and Growth
  • Comparative Demand and Growth Regimes
  • Macroeconomic Policies
  • European Economic Policies

Globalization and the Global South

  • Regional and Global Integration of Production and Trade
  • Transnational Value Chains
  • International Institutions and Macroeconomic Regimes
  • Monetary Development Issues
  • Migration
  • Remittances

Socio-ecological and -economic transformation

  • Ecological Crisis and Social Inequality
  • Imperial Mode of Living
  • Ecological Constraints to Growth: Degrowth, Zero Growth, and/or Green Growth?
  • Energy Policy
  • Alternative Green Restructuring Policies