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De-growth, zero growth and/or green growth? Macroeconomic implications of ecological constraints

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Eckhard Hein (Berlin School of Economics and Law, IPE): Welcome and Introduction

Eckhard Hein and Valeria Jimenez (IPE, Berlin School of Economic and Law): Zero growth and macroeconomic stability: a post-Keynesian approach

Giuseppe Fontana and Malcolm Sawyer (University of Leeds): Would zero growth be achievable and sustainable?

Steffen Lange (IÖW Berlin): Macroeconomics beyond growth

Jan Priewe (HTW Berlin, IPE): Critique of zero growth modelling

Birte Strunk, Armon Rezai (Vienna University of Economics and Business), and Stefan Ederer (WIFO, Vienna):Policies for navigating Scylla and Charybdis: The role of labor markets in a socio-ecological transition

Antoine Monserand (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord): Buying into inequality - a macroeconomic analysis linking planned obsolescence, interpersonal inequality and a potential for degrowth

(No video is available for this presentation)

Martin Sers and Peter A. Victor (York University): Ecological economics and climate change

Hansjörg Herr(IPE, Berlin School of Economic and Law): How to transform capitalism?