Macroeconomics after Kalecki and Keynes: Post-Keynesian Foundations

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Hein

Summer Semester 2021


Eckhard Hein: Macroeconomics after Kalecki and Keynes: Post-Keynesian Foundations, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, forthcoming

The first objective of this book is to provide the foundations for post-Keynesian macroeconomics and a comprehensive post-Keynesian macroeconomic model with the respective macroeconomic policy mix, in order to achieve full employment, constant inflation and to avoid external imbalances. The second objective is to embed these post-Keynesian macroeconomics and macroeconomic policies into the post-Keynesian research programme more generally. Finally, the third objective is to present the application of some of these post-Keynesian macroeconomics in some recent areas of research.

Summary of the book