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Macroeconomic Regimes: Post-Keynesian and Critical Political Economy Perspectives

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Eckhard Hein (Berlin School of Economics and Law, IPE): Welcome and Introduction

Valeria Jiménez (Berlin School of Economics and Law, IPE): Wage shares and demand regimes in Central America: An empirical analysis for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama, 1970-2016

Won Jun Nah (Kyungpook National University, Korea): The income-led growth in Korea: status and prospects

Andreas Nölke, Michael Schedelik, Christian May (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt), Daniel Mertens (University Osnabrück): Comparative capitalism, growth models and emerging markets

Ümit Akcay, Eckhard Hein, Benjamin Jungmann (Berlin School of Economics and Law, IPE): Financialisation and macroeconomic regimes in emerging capitalist countries before and after the Great Recession

Inga Rademacher (King’s College, London): One state, one interest? How a historic shock to the balance of power of the Bundesbank and the Ministry of Finance laid the path for German fiscal austerity

Ryan Woodgate (Berlin School of Economics and Law, IPE): Multinational corporations and commercialised states: new beggar-thy-neighbour growth models in the era of neoliberal globalisation

Karsten Köhler, Engelbert Stockhammer (King’s College, London): Growing differently? Financial cycles, austerity, and competitiveness in growth models since the Global Financial Crisis

Eckhard Hein, Judith Martschin (Berlin School of Economics and Law, IPE): Demand and growth regimes in finance-dominated capitalism and the role of the macroeconomic policy regime: a post-Keynesian comparative study on France, Germany, Italy and Spain before and after the Great Financial Crisis and the Great Recession 

Franz Prante (University Duisburg-Essen, IPE), Eckhard Hein, Alessandro Bramucci (Berlin School of Economics and Law, IPE): Financialisation, macroeconomic regimes and regime shifts after the 2007-09 crises: a post-Keynesian simulation approach

Engelbert Stockhammer (King’s College, London): Post-Keynesian macroeconomic foundations for Comparative Political Economy