Dirk Ehnts

Prof. Dr. rer. pole. Dirk Ehnts is a professor at the European University of Flensburg. Previously, Ehnts was operating as both a professor for Latin Macroeconomics at the Freie Universität Berlin and as a guest lecturer for economics, in particular Macroeconomics, Money and Currency, at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (2012-2014). Ehnts has also taken on other positions at the Chemnitz University of Technology and Bard College Berlin. Before that, he was a research associate at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg (2006-2012) and Junior Affiliate at the Affiliated Computer Services of Spain, Barcelona (2003-2004).

Research Interest

I. Monetary Theory

  • Connections between the finance ministry and the central bank
  • A balance sheet perspective of the economy ("balance sheet approach")
  • Inflation and price levels
  • Historical theory: Wicksell, Keynes, Post-Keynesianism, Modern Money Theory (MMT)
  • Regional Focus: China, Europe, Latin America, USA

II. Macroeconomics

  • Modeling economies
  • Crises and depressions
  • International macroeconomics
  • Monetary macroeconomics

III. Methodology, Ontology and Epistemology

  • George Soros and his Theory of Reflexivity
  • Paul Davidson and Non-Ergodicity
  • The methodology of stock-flow consistent (SFC) models

Selected Publications