Harrison K. Mwilima

Harrison Kalunga Mwilima is a part-time lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He has taught several courses at the Berlin School of Economics and Law including regional studies, political system of the European Union and the role of the European Union in a Multipolar World. In addition to teaching, Mwilima works as an independent journalist and consultant. As a journalist, he prepares reports and in-depth features on happenings in Europe in relation to Africa and as an independent consultant, he advises individuals, companies, and businesses in establishing themselves sustainably in Africa and/or in Europe. Mwilima holds a PhD in Political Science from the Free University Berlin, a M.A in Political Economy of European Integration from the Berlin School of Economics and Law and a B.A in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Dar es Salaam.


Research Interests

  • Europe – Africa relations
  •  Foreign policy analysis
  • Regional integration processes
  • Comparative analysis of institutions

Selected Publications

  • Mwilima, Harrison Kalunga (2023): The European Union and Regional Integration in East Africa: Collective and Individual State Priorities Compared. Routledge.​​​​​​​
  • Mwilima, Harrison Kalunga (2021): Why the European Union is Not Enough: Germany's Bilateral Promotion of Regional Integration in the East African Community. In: J. Trouille., H. Trouille., and P. Uwimbabazi (Eds.), The East African Community: Intraregional Integration and Relations with the EU.: Routledge Contemporary Africa. Routledge.
  • Mwilima, Harrison Kalunga (2019): Brexit Linkage in Trade Negotiation: A Strategy for Rejecting the European Union – East African Community Economic Partnership Agreement? L'Europe en Formation 2019/1 n° 388 | pages 69 à 80.
  • Mwilima, Harrison Kalunga (2017): How States Choose: European Involvement in Promoting Regional Integration in East Africa. Doctoral Dissertation (Free University Berlin).

Dr. Harrison Kalunga Mwilima
Email: e_mwilima@doz.hwr-berlin.de