Martina Metzger

Dr. Prof., Professor of Monetary Economics at Berlin School of Economics and Law. Before joining BSEL she worked for the Berlin Institute for Financial Market Research, of which she was executive director. She was also with the Division on Globalisation and Development Strategies of UNCTAD (Geneva). She served as a lecturer, research fellow and assistant professor for international economics and macroeconomics at the University of Applied Science (Berlin) and the Free University of Berlin from which she also holds a doctoral degree. Since 2015 she is a Lay Judge at the Berlin Social Court.

Areas of Expertise

  • Money, macro and finance
  • Exchange rate regimes
  • Regional financial and monetary cooperation
  • Financial sector development of emerging markets and developing countries
  • Financial market regulation
  • National and international financial and monetary architecture

Area of Activities

  • Studies and position papers on national and regional financial market development, e.g. on North Africa and Middle East countries (Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia), Sub-Saharan Africa (CMA, SACU, SADC, CFA, ECOWAS), South Asia (SAARC), Brazil, India and South Africa
  • Development of concepts and programmes for financial sector related schemes and capacity building, e.g. for representatives of central banks and regulatory authorities from the PRoC and Viet Nam
  • Expert opinions, e.g. on behalf of the Financial Committee of the German Bundestag
  • Advisory capacity for conferences, seminars and workshops with both international, regional and local policy makers, supervisory authorities and practitioners, e.g. in India and South Africa
  • Talks and lectures, e.g. on behalf of Central Banking Events; missions abroad.

E: martina.metzger(at)

Further information

Prof. Dr. Martina Metzger

T +49 30 30877-1122

Campus Schöneberg, Building B, Room B 4.30
Badensche Straße 50-51, 10825 Berlin