Ignacio Silva Neira

Ignacio Silva Neira is a Doctoral Student in the Ph.D. program “Economic Integration” at the Basque Country University in Spain. He holds a Master´s degree in Economic Analysis from the University of Chile and in International Economics from the HWR. Ignacio Silva Neira has taught at the University of Chile and the University of O'Higgins, and currently teaches microeconomics at the HWR. In regard to his work in the field of public policy, he is the Executive Director of the think tank “Observatorio de Políticas Económicas” (OPES) in Chile.

In his doctoral studies is working under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jennifer Pédussel Wu at the IPE/HWR and Dr. Carlos Rodríguez González at the Basque Country University. The field of research of the Ph.D. dissertation project is “FDI and innovation dynamics in developing countries”.  

Ignacio Silva Neira 
Schöneberg Campus, Building E, Room E 5.17 
Babelsberger Str. 14-16, 10715 Berlin