Sigrid Betzelt

Sigrid Betzelt, Dr. phil., has been a professor of social sciences, specialising in the sociology of work and organisations, at the Berlin School of Economics and Law since April 2009. Prior to this position she was a research associate and manager of various third party funded projects (financed by e.g. the EU, the German Research Foundation, Federal Ministry for Family Affairs) at the Centre for Social Policy Research and the Institute for Local Social Policy and Non-Profit Organisations at the University of Bremen. Sigrid Betzelt has prepared specialist reports on labour market and social policy as well as gender equality issues for several institutions. During the last years, she edited a volume on the impact of “activating” labour market policies on social citizenship and social inequality, which was a product of joint work within the EU-funded Network of Excellence RECWOWE (Work and Welfare in Europe), and prepared an expert opinion on the gender equality implications of Social Code II and III for the first official report of the German Federal Government on equal opportunity policies. She is currently leading an empirical mixed-methods project on the group of unemployed not entitled to benefits in Germany, funded by the Hans-Böckler-Foundation. She is involved in FESSUD-WP5 which examines the impact of financialisation on the well-being of households, based on a representative survey in five European countries. Sigrid Betzelt is also a member of the Harriet-Taylor-Mill-Institute for Economics and Gender Studies at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.


  • Changes in work and employment structures
  • Labour market and social policy at the national level and from a European comparative perspective as well as their effects on social rights, inequality and gender

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